SRTs file downloads have arrived

SRT files are perfect for when your videos are being uploaded to a service which support and recommend closed captions. Here, we show you how you can use Editr to create a ready to go SRT file

SRT files (which stand for SubRip Subtitle file) are perfect for when your videos are being uploaded to a service which support and recommend closed captions.

Closed captions are when you can enable and disable subtitles rather than burning them into the video. Many large platforms advocate using closed captions over embedding them into the video directly.

An SRT file contains your subtitle text along with the timing required for video services, such as YouTube, to enable and disable your subtitles during video playback.

A basic SRT block looks like this:

00:00:00,498 --> 00:00:01,827
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00:00:02,000 --> 00:00:04,827
For autogenerated subtitling that you can trust

It's a simple pattern to understand:

  • The card number
  • The time for how long to show the text
  • The text itself

While this is simple enough, can you imagine generating your own SRT file for your subtitles? Timing each subtitle would be extremely tedious, especially if your video spans minutes. Generating an SRT file for your subtitles could take hours.

Even though YouTube support auto-captions, you should really be using a service such as Editr to autogenerate your subtitles and make a few amendments accordingly to achieve perfect subtitles to complement your video. You spend so much time and effort making your content as great as it can be. So why not devote the same care and attention to your subtitles too?

Editr is happy to announce SRT subtitle files are now available for download!

Generate SRT files with Editr

Editr takes the pain and hassle out of this for you. With Editr you can download SRT files along side your completed video. Allowing you to upload your original video and attach the generated SRT file if you want to publish your video on sites such as YouTube or  Vimeo.

Follow this simple guide to generating the perfect SRT subtitle file:

(Please note that SRT downloads are only available on our PRO subscription)

  1. Head to and upload a video

2. Let Editr do the hard work; generating your subtitles and timings for you.

3. Export your video once you're happy with your subtitles.

4. Once completed head over to your completed tab and download your SRT file.

5. View your SRT file in all it's glory.

That's it it's as simple as that! Head over to today to get started.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to message us at