Splitting and merging subtitles - it's no joke

A punchline, the big spoiler plot, the winner announced. Only too soon...

One of downsides of subtitling is that they can ruin the artistic timing that a pause or delay in audio can add. For example, if you've ever watched comedy on a streaming platform, with subtitles on, it can really put a downer on your enjoyment if a line appears on your screen before the comedian delivers it.

I know Kevin... I know...

Don't let your content be a victim of bad subtitle timing. Use Editr to ensure that it won't happen to your next best one liner.

Not only do we autogenerate accurate subtitles for you, they are also perfectly timed. We take a blanket approach to building each subtitle card, basing it off the recommended number of words. So whilst we don't magically know that you want that golden word to appear on it's very own card, we make it easier than ever to do so!

Hit Enter, and create another card

Hitting enter when your cursor is on a subtitle card will split the card into two- pushing everything right of your cursor onto a new card. Don't worry about the timings! That should still be pretty much perfect. If it's not quite right, then don't hesitate to adjust the timings with the plus and minus second buttons.

Come back together now

Think that your subtitles might look better on a single card? No problem. Press backspace with your cursor at the start of the card and it'll merge with the previous card. Once again don't worry about subtitle timings, it'll all just work without any hassle.

Working with your subtitles to make your video the best it can be shouldn't be hard, and we're hoping you find our solution as simple and as easy as it was designed to be.