How to Create a Reels Remix on Instagram

Instagram have officially launched a new remix feature for reels to rival TikTok Duets. This guide will show you how to use this new feature

What is a Remix Reel?

A few days ago, Instagram launched a new feature called Remix, which gives users the ability to record a Reels video alongside an existing Reel from another user. This feature is very similar to TikTok’s Duets feature which also lets users create a video alongside their own. Typically, these videos are used to record reactions, respond to friends or recreate a viral video. This new feature makes it easier to collaborate with other instagramers or friends.

How to Enable or Disable Remix

As explained by Instagram:

"Remix is enabled by default for all new reels you publish from a public account. To enable Remix on your older reels, tap the three-dot menu and hit “Enable Remixing”. To remix someone else’s reel, ask them to do the same. You can turn off Remix at any time via Settings, for all reels, or the three dot menu for the individual reel"

So, if your instagram account is public, the Remix feature will be enabled by default for any newly uploaded Instagram Reels you create. Please note, this feature will only be available on Reels posted after the Remix launch. If you would like to Remix your old Instagram Reels, you either need to re-upload them or go abc to your original Reel and specify enable Remix. If your account is private, you will have to Enable Remixing to take advantage of this new feature. We have created a short step by step guide below. Follow our step by step guide to enable/disable Remix.

  1. Go to Settings and select 'Privacy'
  2. Select 'Reels'
  3. From here, you are able to toggle ‘Enable Remix’ on or off.

As content creators, your Instagram is likely to be a public Instagram account which is why we aren’t giving you a step by step guide for enabling Remix Reels from a private Instagram account. But to summarise, if you do have a private Instagram account which you want to enable Remix Reels for you would have to enable the feature on a case by case basis. Once you have created your Instagram Reel, you would tap the three dot menu shown on the bottom right of your screen. From there you will be given the option to ‘Enable Remixing’.

How to Remix an Instagram Reel

This new feature is easy to use, simply follow our step by step guide to help you create Reel Remix.

  1. Select the Reel you would like to Remix. Tap the three dot menu shown on the bottom right of your screen. If the Reel creator has enabled the Remix feature, you will be able to select 'Remix This Reel'
  2. Upload or Record your new Reel. The new video will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you can change the speed, set a timer or align the new video
  3. Next you can edit your video by drawing, mixing the audio and adding text or voiceovers
  4. Lastly, add a caption and choose your video settings. Once you are done, select 'Share' to share your new creation with the world!

Lastly, here are a few helpful pointers:

  • When you share a remix, it will show your username and 'Remix with [original creator's username]' at the bottom of the Reel. An
  • Although you can mix the audio and add voiceovers to your remix, you cannot remix a reel that is already a remix.
  • Your Remixed Reels will appear next to any other Reels you have created on the Reels tab of your Instagram profile.
  • You will get a notification if someone has Remixed your content.

It is rumoured that Snapchat is working on building a similar TikTok Duets feature. Snapchat is also said to call this feature Remix.

Will Instagram Remix Reels result in better Engagement?

As this feature has only been launched, there is no way to know for sure. By enabling Remix Reels you open up a new avenue for engagement which was not an option before. New opportunities have the potential to increase exposure with target audiences. We will have to wait and see!

One thing we do know is that adding subtitles to your videos has been proven to increase engagement - this is something you should really consider if you upload any video content. Check out our blog on subtitles to find out why and how subtitles increase engagement.